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Manufacturing Cost Accounting

SBM's Manufacturing Cost Accounting delivers product costingprofitability analysis and decision support software to manufacturing companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Using its Activity Based Process Model you can build cost models of even the most complex manufacturing processes and, because the system understands the business logic of how activities, materials and components are consumed, you can see at the touch of a button how costs are accumulated and profitability eroded by non value added activities during the manufacturing, sale and distribution process.

SBM's Manufacturing Cost Accounting solutions will help you:-

 > Identify your core, most profitable products and customers
 > Optimise your product and customer mix
 > See where non value added processes are eroding profitability
 > Identify unused capacity and potential bottlenecks
 > Maximise Retrurn On Investment and Return On Assets           >> Read More

They enable you to:-

> Use any method of costing.
> Track Cost Variances between products and manufacturing locations.
> Store, retrieve and analyse costs over costing periods that you define.
> Maintain product cost and profitability information at the branch and plant level
> Track  transfer prices and eliminate inter-company margin
> Maintain rolling Budgets and Forecasts
> Analyse Product and Customer Profitability.

and with SBM's Manufacturing Cost Accounting's  planning and simulation components you can also model the effects of changes to prices and the availability of resources, generate output based requirements plans and examine operational constraints and supply chain strategies - everything you need for effective decision support and cost management. 

Use any method of costing. Standard Costing, Actual Costing and Weighted Average Costing are fully supported as well as Activity Based Costing, Time Driven ABC and Resource Consumption Accounting. So you can use the method that is right for your business and effectively manage your Product Costs.

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Track Cost Variances between products and manufacturing locations. The analysis of the variances between actual production costs and standard and budget costs enables you to empirically validate your cost models and also identify where business improvements can be made on the basis of actual data.

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Store, retrieve and analyse costs over costing periods that you define. Add to this a unique approach to cost analysis that enables you to allocate user defined analysis dimensions, analysis codes, analysis types and an unlimited hierarchy structure to each resource, activity, product and primary cost element and you have a system that is fully in line with your company's analytical accounting structure and shows you instantly how changes to prices impact costs and profitability and the overall performance of your business.

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Maintain product cost and profitability information at the branch and plant level and allow for different costs at different locations for identically manufactured products. You can calculate costs both by and across locations, analyse costs at the local and divisional level, compare costs between locations and consolidate costs by product group and manufacturing location. 

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Track intercompany margin and transfer prices.

Generate and evaluate Manufacturing Budgets. Budget management enables you to set up strategic cost and profit management procedures and move from the extrapolation of historical data to scenario based forward planning. You can create both departmental and product mix driven forecasts and using sales projections, forecast price changes and the planned availability of activities and resources, create rolling and fixed period projections of your company's financial requirements.

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Analyse Product and Customer Profitability. By providing profit analysis metrics that range from Profit Per Minute and  Return On Assets to the classical  gross to net margin analysis, SBM's Profitability Manager gives you a close up view of all of the component elements of your profitability.

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