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" Generate the information you need to understand
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Cost Management for Manufacturing Companies

Profile's Product Costing and Cost Management Solutions quickly and easily transform the data that exists in your company into a database of product and customer profitability analyses that you can use as a key strategic asset.  Secure, fully auditable and easy to deploy and maintain, Profile's advanced costing techniques translate simple inputs into sophisticated cost models that deliver accurate and actionable product cost and profitability information throughout the organisation.              >>  Read More

SBM: Product   Costing:

Gives you the most complete picture to date of your product and supply chain costs by enabling you to combine Time Driven ABC and traditional cost accounting methods.

>> More about Product Costing

SBM: Profitability Analysis

Provides a close-up view of all of the component elements of your profitability and shows you how each product, customer and resource is generating profit and revenue for your business.

>> More about Profitability

SBM: Decision Support:

Undertake scenario based 'What If' Analyses and use budgets and forecasts  to gain a clear and accurate pictures of costs, profitability and resource requirements.

>> More about Decision Support

Industry Solutions 

From steel, pharmaceutical and paper to food and semi conductor, SBM's Cost Management Solutions will:

  •  Identify your core, most profitable products and customers

  •  Enable you to compare actual costs with projected costs and projected profitability
  •  Help you optimise your product and customer mix
  • Show you where non value added processes and waste are eroding profitability

and provide all of the information you need to make informed commercial decisions.

>> More about Manufacturing Costing    

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